Directed by Alec Madriaga, this 53-second video tells you a little about the book in pictures and a few words from the author.

Music: “Devil with the Devil” by The Underscore Orkestra.

Read a Sample Chapter

Here is a draft version of chapter 7, “The Triumphs of Caesar,” which describes the opening of Caesars Palace and includes a host of interesting characters from Adam West to Jimmy Hoffa, and a gem of a story from future Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn.

Jay Sarno was used to bad luck, but this was ridiculous. 

He’d gone home to Joyce and the kids to get one last night’s sleep before the opening but he’d spent most of the night tossing and turning, sick over what was going on across town at his hotel. As he lay in bed on the morning of Friday, August 5, 1966, he ran through some of his problems. 

First, there was the money. There wasn’t enough of it. Although the Gaming Control Board had warned them about having a sufficient bankroll on hand before the place was ready to take bets, they had only $100,000 behind the cashier’s window, not $350,000. This was a gamble: if the reserves dipped too low, state agents might order the house to close. There was a very real chance that their first revelers might break the bank.

Then there was the airline strike…. [click to read more]

You can also see a list of characters who appear in the book.